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Diligent. Disciplined. Guided by Integrity. 

Kawa prides itself in what sets us apart as an alternative asset manager - our people and our shared values.

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We’ve diligently built an organization that makes us proud.

Kawa is an alternative asset manager focused on providing outstanding value to its investors. We are patient and disciplined in our investment approach, skeptical of consensus and driven by a passion to consistently do better.

Our Core Values


We strive to be honest with our investors, and objective about what we do.

Hard working

We do not take anyone's word for it. We find niches where our idea of value generates attractive risk/reward for our clients. We are intentional in our actions. We strive to deliver our best in everything that we do.


We are not driven by consensus. We do not invest based on fads or trends.


We work hard to make better decisions each day. We are rigorous and uncompromising.​


We are an independent firm and not bound to others; we are not beholden to a corporate parent and have the freedom to do what we believe will bring the greatest value to our investors and clients.


Liquid Strategies

Our liquid strategies look to bring meaningful returns with more marketable securities, generally in products which are open-ended and provide regular liquidity to our investors. We have launched and currently run a number of strategies with fixed-income and macro focuses.


Our flagship, opportunistic credit-oriented investment strategy, launched in 2007, is focused on capital preservation and low volatility of returns. We invest in liquid securities, looking for dislocations in capital markets and overlaying our macro views within our portfolio.


Spun out of our flagship Multi-Strat Credit strategy, our macro strategy is designed as an alpha-generating strategy across all market cycles with a particular goal of delivering positive returns in turbulent market environments.


Our credit SMAs are tailored towards ultra-high net worth and institutional investors and seek to allocate on a long-only basis to sectors we find attractive, and which we can leverage our knowledge and expertise to allocate together with our credit strategies when there is sufficient liquidity in the sector for the increased capacity, without compromising returns.

Private Investments

Offered individually or as part of a portfolio of closed-ended funds, our private investments allow us to take advantage of sometimes fleeting opportunities. With a focused approach, we can offer investors the ability to create diversified alternative portfolios that generate risk/rewards we are often unable to replicate in liquid markets. We align our interests by co-investing alongside our clients and investors.


Our expertise in private credit markets makes structured lending a significant, value-adding facet of our business. We pair two core strengths – credit underwriting and structuring – when originating and participating structured loans.


Our expertise in private credit markets makes structured lending a significant, value-adding facet of our business. We pair two core strengths – credit underwriting and structuring – when originating and participating structured loans.


As investments evolve, we are constantly seeking dislocations and attractive risk-reward opportunities where we can leverage our expertise to deploy capital. Contact us to learn more about our past investments and upcoming opportunities.

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Diverse perspectives, one common goal.

We value people who blend raw intelligence and integrity, attention to detail with financial creativity, and who bring the utmost rigor to their work. Kawa strives to be a disciplined steward of investor capital.  Our team has a global background, contributing to the unique environment we have created at Kawa.

I joined Kawa as an entry level employee and could not be happier with my experience and growth at the firm. Kawa offers early-career professionals the opportunity to accelerate their careers through performance-based elevation of responsibility, all the while maintaining superb work-life balance.

Tyler Claus, CAIA

Director, Investor Relations

Our Office

Natural, approachable, and filled with life, our office personifies the feeling of working at Kawa.  It's no conincidence that it's made to feel like home.


Internship 2024

If you are self-directed, self-motivated, curious, entrepreneurial, and passionate about investment management, join us for a rewarding summer experience that offers exposure to the exciting, ever-evolving field of capital management. As a Kawa Summer Intern, you will work closely with our team of professionals, learn from industry experts, and contribute to real projects that a make a difference in our portfolio.


Get on our list. 


Complete our general application and we will be in touch as opportunities arise.

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